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GovExperts: Trusted Public Policy Advocates

Welcome to GovExperts, a premier firm dedicated to advancing public policy and helping our clients achieve real results. With a strong history and expertise in the public sector, GovExperts has earned its position as a trusted lobbyist partner for clients aiming to realize their public policy, political, and business objectives.

Deep Experience

Boasting over 94 years of combined experience, our team has managed projects across the country, organized pivotal events, and built long, trusting relationships across government. Our track record includes the successful passage of major state legislative and budget proposals.

Leading Clients

Our team members have represented industry leaders like Adobe, blue bird bio, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CSL Behring, Lloyd’s America, Oracle, and Qualcomm. Along with our clients, GovExperts has organized coalitions, arranged state visits, and shepherded proposals to advance public policy. We bring creative ideas to bear on behalf of our clients.

Effective Services

GovExperts is a sought after public policy lobbyist for individuals, businesses, or advocacy groups alike. Our deep understanding of government affairs, along with a collaborative approach, has consistently delivered success in legislative and regulatory domains. Additionally, in the competitive business landscape, GovExperts offers valuable input to inform your public sector sales strategy.

Community Engagement

GovExperts fosters a growing online community for professionals dedicated to good public policy. Through our various social media outlets, we invite government leaders, lobbyists, and public policy stakeholders to exchange ideas, collaborate, and drive constructive policy dialogues.

Let’s talk today about how GovExperts can help you achieve your public policy and business objectives! Call us at 512-480-0049.

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