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Chris Britton | Founder

Chris Britton
Chris Britton

Leadership at GovExperts

With over 30 years of experience in public policy, Chris Britton is the founder and chief executive officer of GovExperts. Under his leadership, the organization aims to become a platform for public sector professionals at all levels of government. His primary focus is facilitating effective collaboration between individuals, businesses, and government entities to influence and implement public policy.

Depth in Policy and Advocacy

Britton’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of policy areas, including general government, state budgeting, healthcare, and human services. His proficiency in policy analysis, strategic communications, and legislation has been instrumental in achieving significant public policy objectives.

Diverse Professional Portfolio

In addition to his role at GovExperts, Britton has held key positions in various organizations. As the Managing Director of Caddo Associates, he has demonstrated strategic leadership for nearly 15 years. His experience in Texas government is further solidified through his roles in the Office of Governor Rick Perry, where he served as a policy advisor and then as deputy chief of staff.

Education and Community Engagement

A proud Texas A&M University graduate, Britton has been an active community volunteer. His volunteer leadership includes chair of the Central Texas Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Board, chair of the Texas YMCA Youth and Government Board, and past member of the YMCA of Austin Board of Directors. He is currently serving as a member of the Texas FFA Foundation Board of Directors.


Chris and his wife Tiffiny live in Austin with their teenage daughter.


In summary, Chris Britton’s experience in both the public and private sectors underscore his expertise and dedication to the field of public policy.

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