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Jim Lechner On Warfare: Valor From Mogadishu To Ukraine

Jim Lechner in Ukraine with American Flag

In an era defined by geopolitical tensions, understanding the intricacies of modern warfare is essential for policymakers and analysts alike. Join GovExperts founder and CEO Chris Britton  and military expert Jim Lechner as they discuss Lechner’s new book “With My Shield: An Army Ranger in Somalia”, US Foreign Policy and multiple world conflicts, including Mogadishu, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

Jim Lechner in Ukraine with American Flag

Jim Lechner Background

Jim Lechner's "With My Shield"

James Lechner served in the US Army for 27 years and participated in eight operational deployments. His stations included Somalia, Sinai, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Lechner’s service has also included providing guidance to the White House National Security Council and serving several tours at the CIA. Lechner, a graduate of The Citadel, holds a master’s degree in history and is an Adjunct Professor at Liberty University.

Lechner recieved the Bronze Star for meritorious achievement and the Purple Heart for wounds received in Somalia. Currently, he serves as a military advisor and war correspondent for Newsmax, covering the Russo-Ukrainian War. Lechner actively supports various veterans’ charities and resides in Chapin, South Carolina with his wife, Beth. He is the author of “With My Shield: An Army Ranger in Somalia,” released by Osprey Publishing. The book provides a first-hand account of an Army Ranger, surrounded and outnumbered, fighting a desperate action in Somalia.

Jim Lechner On Warfare: Valor From Mogadishu To Ukraine  | GovExperts Insights

Ukraine: A Crucible of Geopolitical Rivalries 

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine has emerged as a focal point of geopolitical competition. The country is strategically located with historical ties to both Russia and the West. Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the subsequent conflict underscores the complexities of navigating regional dynamics and external influences. 

Jim Lechner Ukraine Tank Destruction

Mogadishu: A Microcosm of Fragility and Resilience 

In contrast, Mogadishu presents a microcosm of fragility and resilience in the face of persistent conflict and instability. Somalia has been ravaged by decades of civil war and the presence of militant groups like Al-Shabaab. Its capital city has become synonymous with the challenges of state-building and peacekeeping efforts in the Horn of Africa. 

Jim Lechner’s Insights: US Policy in Ukraine and Beyond 

In this interview, we delve into the nuances of US engagement in Ukraine and its broader implications for regional stability. Lechner offers valuable insights into the strategic thinking behind US policy decisions, highlighting the delicate balance between supporting Ukrainian sovereignty and managing diplomatic relations with Russia. 

Navigating Geopolitical Minefields: US Policy Challenges 

Lechner underscores the multifaceted nature of US policy in Ukraine, emphasizing the need to balance strategic interests with diplomatic imperatives. From providing military assistance to supporting diplomatic initiatives such as the Minsk agreements, US policymakers face a complex array of challenges in navigating the geopolitical minefields of Eastern Europe. 

The Role of Modern Warfare: Adapting Strategies for New Realities 

As the nature of warfare continues to evolve, Lechner discusses the importance of adapting US strategies to address emerging threats and challenges. From cyber warfare to hybrid tactics employed by state and non-state actors, modern conflicts demand innovative approaches that leverage technology and intelligence capabilities. 

Looking Ahead: Opportunities for Diplomatic Engagement 

Despite the complexities and uncertainties, Lechner remains cautiously optimistic about the prospects for diplomatic engagement in both Ukraine and Mogadishu. By fostering dialogue, promoting democratic governance, and addressing the root causes of conflict, he believes that sustainable peace and stability can be achieved in these regions. 


Our conversation with Jim Lechner offers valuable insights into US policy in Ukraine and its broader implications for global security. Understanding the nature of conflicts, policymakers can better navigate the complexities of modern warfare and promoting peace and stability in an increasingly uncertain world. 

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